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Company profile

  Beijing HOM agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd.  located in China's high technology and new technology enterprise gathering place - Beijing ShangDi hi-tech park, is emerging in China animal husbandry industry specialization, science and technology enterprises, committed to the modernization, automation animal husbandry and complete sets of equipment, and supporting the design of the product research and development, production and business operation, technical service and international trade.
  HOM company in the business always take the view of customer as a starting point, put customer's interests in the first place, wish to bear the concept, "focus on production demand of breeding enterprises, focus on improving breeding efficiency, focus on breeding animals growth characteristic".
  HOM's management team with international background and rich experience in the domestic industry, is able to accurately grasp the current situation of the domestic livestock breeding industry, and aware of international trends.
  Based on the reference of the international advanced breeding concept, according to the needs of the development of domestic livestock breeding, HOM have been through examining and distinguishing and filtering, introduce several quality products of international famous enterprise from Europe and the United States, and to provide matching technical support and comprehensive services
  Based on the realistic national conditions and industry, for the specific requirements of domestic livestock breeding enterprises, HOM independently research and development of several kinds of products "tailor-made"  in China livestock breeding enterprises to market. HOM has got nine national patents since its inception in March 2013.

  HOM  can provide you the following products of high quality!
  1、Import equipments
 Specht cage equipment (Germany), the inventor of battery cage equipment.
 Petersime incubator (Belgium), the global leader in the incubator.
   Lubing nipple drinking system (Germany), a famous manufacturer of nipple drinking system.
   Grass Tech  (Belgium) livestock pads, manufacturers specializing in the production of straw.

  2、Independent intellectual property products
 Autonest of individual holes

     The automatic feeding system of broiler breeder

     The egg washing machine, cleaning liquid

  3、Domestic typical customer
 Beijing AA company grandparent stock farm

   Beijing Dafaun company grandparent stock farm

   Heilongjiang Beisanxia farming co., Ltd.

   Henan Doyoo company parent stock project

   Henan OSI company commercial broilers project

   Fujian Sunner development company